The Guest Stars

Guest actors and actresses
Many of them were much more famous than the hero...Gardner McKay!!

Guest actresses and actors
In alphabetic order (name of episodes links to the script).
I am giving you the most well-known, as there were over 168 actors and actresses who guested in the series!... and many young and beautiful actresses, of course!

Claude Akins (The Amazon), 1926-1994. Hollywood's magnificient "heavy", the bad guy. Used by Walsh and Hawks for supporting roles as brute in westerns (Rio Bravo, Return of the Seven) and fantasy movies (Battle for the Planet of Apes, Tentacles, The Curse).

Lola Albright, (One Way Ticket). Born in 1925. Switchboard hostess, then model and singer, her self-confidence impressed the producer Stanley Kramer, who hired her to be Kirk Douglas' partner in Champion (1949). Her sudden glory was shortened by her marriage with macho actor Jack Carson (1950-58), who prefered to see her at home! Later, her career continued but had to turn to B movies and TV, in spite of a good part as David Niven's partner in The Impossible Years (1968).

Barbara Bain (Prisoner in Paradise, Nightmare in the Sun). Born as Anne Tillman. Became Mrs Martin Landau in 1957, this beautiful blond dedicated her career to television: Mission: Impossible (1966/69), Cosmos (1975).

Ina Balin, (One There Was A Princess) 1937-1990. Born as Ina Rosenberg, she started as paying Anthony Quinn's daughter in The Black Orchid (1959). After a few movies (The Comancheros, with John Wayne) and TV series (Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea), she worked in a charity association to help the Vietnam's war orphans. She adopted 3 of its children.

Joanna Barnes (Incident in Suva). Born in 1934, this earthy actress, after a few roles in cinema (Spartacus, Tarzan and the Apes) dedicated herself to TV films in the 50 and 60's.

Joan Blondell (The Forbidden Sea), 1909-1979. Better known for her musical comedies like Footlight Parade with James Cagney, Gold Diggers of 1937, East Side of Heaven, with Fred Astaire, she played mostly roles of happy and vivacious young blonds. She married three times: (1933-35) the cameraman George Barnes , (1936-45) the actor Dick Powell , and (1947-50) the producer Mike Todd.

Antoinette Bower (Hangman's Island, Command At Sea)

Lon Chaney Jr. (The Black Pearl), 1905-1973, was Lon Chaney's son (1883-1930): The Hunchback of Notre-Dame(1923) et The Phantom of the Opera (1925). Chaney Jr. played in many westerns and horror movies (The Wolf Man, The Phantom of Frankenstein, The Son of Dracula).

Jeanne Cooper (Wild Mangoes). Born in 1928 and raised in California, this fair-haired beauty made her debut in local musicals. Later seen in major TV shows, such as the Twilight Zone and Ben Casey. More seen as Katherine Chancellor in the long TV soap opera "The Young & The Restless".
Hazel Court (The Pit Of Silence). Born in 1926 in England, she appeared in many "Hammer" productions, better known for their Frankenstein series ((The Curse of Frankenstein with Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee). She has also been seen in many TV series (Alfred Hitchcock Presents - 4 episodes - , Mannix, Mission Impossible, etc).

Yvonne De Carlo (Isle of Eden), 1924-1997, canadian actress, discovered in Salome, Where She Danced, she played in all kinds of films, like with the best directors (Walsh, Siodmak, De Mille, McLean), but also in many B (Sherman, Sherwood) and Z (Springsteen, Selander) westerns series.

Gloria DeHaven (The Jonah Stone). Born in 1925 from a family of actors, this woman of character practiced her enthousiam in many musical comedies: All the Things You Are (1943), Two Girls and A Sailor, Three Little Words, with great stars such as: Van Johnson, Fred Astaire... before turning to television in the 60's.


Robert Douglas (The Forbidden Sea). British-born in 1909, he mostly played villains in historic movies (Kim, The Desert Rats, Saskatchewan, The Prisoner of Zenda) and swashbuckler movies (Ivanhoe, Richard Lionheart).

Dan Duryea, (Judith), 1907-1968, A real "heavy", the dad guy as we love them! This former Cornell University student (as Gardner McKay!) was releaved by William's Wyler's The Little Foxes and played thereafter countless westerns and gangster movies.

Barbara Eden, (The Inheritance). Born as Barbara Jean Moorehead. She is much more famous for her leading role as the earthy Jeannie in TV series I dream of Jeannie with Larry Hagman (J.R. in Dallas!).

John Ericson, (John Meibes) (Safari at Sea). German-born in 1927, played mostly athletic gangsters and was seen in many westerns.

Anne Francis, (The Bamboo Curtain) born in 1930. Already model at 4, later in her teens she became a radio professional before starring for TV and movies. This glamorous blond played in "small" and better known movies such as Forbitten Planet, Brainstorm, Funny Girl.

Eva Gabor, (Peril at Pitcairn) 1920-1995. Sister of the just as famous, but more unpredictable Zsa Zsa, this superb-looking and bubbly blond had 5 consecutive husbands, just 3 less than her sister!... She will later be the leading star of the comedy series Green Acres (1965-1971).

Paulette Goddard (The Lady from South Chicago), 1911-1989. Charlie Chaplin's third wife, she played in Modern Times (1936), the Dictator !1940), also played under the direction of Renoir, DeMille and Vidor. This stunning actress almost had the part of Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With The Wind. She married the actor Burgess Meredith in 1946, thereafter the writer Erich Maria Remarque in 1958.

Thomas Gomez, (Mission to Manila) 1905-1971. After many years in theatre the 20'semt cima in the early 40's to Played the "heavy" played supporting roles in numerous westerns and thrillers (Key Largo).


Otto Haas (Isle of Eden), 1903-1978. German actor and often hired to act one for film use, where a Nazi or a spy will be necessary (Hitchcock's I Confess).

Anne Helm (The Pretender),Canadian born in 1938, this lady started theater as a child in Toronto. At 14, she came to New York and studied ballet and started modelling. Then in California she played in many TV series. Became Elvis Presley's fiancé for some time. Recently became a writer and illustrator for children books.

Kim Hunter (The Haunted), 1923-2002, born as Janel Cole, this vivacious brunette started her movie career at 17 (The Seventh Victim), but also showed her great personnality on Broadway Theatres. She became famous when she got an Oscar for Best Supporting role as Stella Kowalski in Elia Kazan' A Streecar Named Desire (1951). She played in numerous films such as The Planet of The Apes (1968).
David Janssen, (Show me a Hero). Less known in the movie world, but much more on TV, mostly because of his leading part of a doctor in search of his wife's murderer in the TV series The Fugitive!

Glynis Johns, (Beachhead). Born in 1923, Came from a family of performers, this british-born actress started very young in movies. She was particularly seen in Round The World in 80 Days (1956) and Mary Poppins (1965).

Kurt Kasznar (The Black Pearl), 1913-1979. Short and plumpish with the Peter Lorre type, but the nice kind, he distinguished himself in numerous TV series, in particular as Alexander B. Fitzhugh in the Irwin Allen's fantasy and science fiction Land of Giants (1968-1970).

Cecil Kellaway, (A Touch of Genius, The Pretender)

Linda Lawson - Renée (Peril at Pitcairn, Judith, and Violent Journey) - Born in Ann Arbor (Michigan) on 14th jan 1936, as Linda Gloria Spaziani, she represents the typical exotic and sexy beauty from Hollywood. She started as a singer (recorded many albums), then married the director and producer John Foreman (Films with Paul Newman, of which Butch Cassidy and the Kid), and The Man Who Wanted to be King (1975) with Michael Cain and Sean Connery). They had 2 girls, Julie and Amanda, which latter plays in the TV series Felicity.

Martin Landau, (Nightmare on Napuka, Mister Flotsam). Born in 1933, Well-known in TV series: Bonanza, Cosmos, Suspense, Hitchcock Presents; but was an all-rounded actor with penetrating glaring eyes... in great movies such as Nevada Smith with Steve McQueen, Hitchcock's North by Northwest with James Mason and Cary Grant. He received an oscar for his best supporting role in Ed Wood (1994).

Jessie Royce Landis, (A Touch of Genius), 1904-1972. Made her debut on stage at 20 in Chicago, and then in Boadway. In 1950, in London, she received an award for Best Performance of the Year for her role in "Larger Than Life".Got fame in the singing part of "And So To Bed" in 1954. Published her autobiography You Won't be So Pretty. Played Grace Kelly's mother in Hitchcock's To Catch a Thief and Cary Grant's mother in North By Northwest.

Viveca Lindfors (Castaways) 1920-1995. Swedish nice-looking actress emigrated in the States in 1947. She married (1949-1953) Don Siegel, futur film director of the mythic Invasion of the Body Snatchers (56) and many contemporary violent movies such as Riot in Cell Block 11, and Dirty Harry.

Joanne Linville (Act Of Piracy, The Closing Circle) Born in 1928. Mostly seen in major TV series such as Star Trek, Twilight Zone, Dynasty and L.A. Law.

Julie London, (Mission to Manila) 1926-2000, born as Julie Peck, singer (creator of "Cry Me A River" in 1955) and actress, this wonderful brunette played in westerns directed by Mann and Parish. Sublime strip-tease in Man of the West!

Diana Lynn, (Safari at Sea), 1926-1971. Born as Dolores Loehr, gifted pianist, this splendid brunette played in her first film at the age of 12 in a musical comedy, genre she was very much fond of during her teen years.

Herbert Marshall, (Nightmare on Napuka, There is an Island) 1890-1969. British actor. In spite of his artificial leg (lost his right leg during WW1), he succeeded in making a very long and bright career in stylish roles with the best directors (Hitchcock, De Mille, Lubitsh, Cukor, Vidor, Hughes, etc.)

Raymond Massey, (Command At Sea), 1896-1983. Played in slim and tall historical roles such as the president Lincoln in Lincoln in Illinois and in westerns such as Santa Fe Trail and How the West Was Won, but known mostly for the TV series Dr. Kildare.

Marilyn Maxwell (Beached, The Serpent in the Garden), 1921-1972. Much compared to Marilyn Monroe, she was a talled blond-haired singer.Heared in radio shows with Bing Crosby, Bob Hope. Turned to TV in the 60's in many shows and particularly in Bus Stop (61).

Patricia Medina, (The Black Pearl). Born in London as Helen Bellows Armstone , from a british mother and a spanish father, she came in the States in 1946 with her first husband Richard Greene (the Robin Hood of the TV series!). Queen of B movies, she was seen notably with Alan Ladd in Botany Bay and The Black Knight. On TV, she made a few appearances in Hitchcock Presents and The Man From UNCLE. In 1960, she married the great actor Joseph Cotten, Alfred Hitchcock's favorite actor and best friend.

Thomas Mitchell, (A Penny A Day), 1892-1962. He played in Hollywood's best pictures as the kind and loyal "small fat man". he obtained an Oscar for his best supporting role as a drunkard doctor in John Ford's Stagecoach, not forgetting his part as O'Hara in the wonderful Gone With The Wind. (thanks Liz)

Ricardo Montalban (The Delerict). Mexican-born in 1920, this charismatic actor had that latin charm which enbrightened the movie Fiesta with Esther Williams. He then was seen in many westerns and thrillers. Played a chinese in Soyanara (1957), and the villain Khar in Star Trek II (1982). Better known in the TV world as starring Mr. Roarke , the mysterious boss of Fantasy Island (1978-84).

Joanna Moore (The Siege of Troy). Born in 1934 in Georgia, became an actress in spite of herself. She started in 1954 as a sexy-looking girl in many supporting roles, like in Orson Wells' Touch of Evel. She married (1963-67) the actor Ryan O'Neal (5 years younger!) with whom she had two children, of which Tatum...

Agnès Moorehead (The Irishmen) 1906-1974. Discovered by Orson Wells, she played the part of his mother in Citizen Kane. She was marvellous bad woman in Dark Passage, with H. Bogard Played in Raintree Country. But one must not forget her brilliant role as Warren's mother-in-law in the TV series Bewitched.

Rita Moreno, (Vendetta). Born as Rosita Alverio in 1931. Magnificient tall and brilliant dancer, she played mostly exotic beauties. She received an oscar for her role in West Side Story.

Alan Napier (Daughter of Illusion), 1903-1988. British actor, played in many roles as a traitor, but also was Sean Connery's father in Hitchcock's Marny, without forgetting the Bruce Wayne's faithful butler in the famous TV series Batman!

Julie Newmar (Open For Diving). Born as Julia Chalan Newmeyer in 1935, this dream-like creature restricted herself in dancer and vamp roles. She mainly played in B movies and made appearances in many TV series. She is renowned in the States for her starring role in the series "Cat-Woman".(her picture with Gardner McKay)

Jeanette Nolan (Who is Sylvia?), 1911-1998. Made her debut in radio in 1932, then went to film acting in Orson Welles' Macbeth in 1948. Appeared in more than 300 TV shows including Perry Mason, I Spy, Mac Gyver, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, The Richard Boone Show and the Virginian. Received 4 Emmy Awards Nominations.

Simon Oakland, (Wild Mangoes, Beached, The Lady of South Chicago) 1915-1983. This tough guy is well know for his character as Mc Garret, in TV series "Hawaii Five-O". He began is career as a concert violonistn then came to acting in the late 40's. Seen in Hitchcock's Psycho and in West Side Story. Much seen in many TV shows.

Carroll O'Connor (Hangman's Island), 1924-2001. Born in N.Y. but lived in Ireland where he started his career in theater. Back in N.Y. in 1954, he tried Broadway but he became successful in TV shows in the 60's. Well known for his character as Archi Buinker in "All The Family" (71).
Susan Oliver (Whip Fight), 1937-1990. This beautiful young blond (her picture with McKay) made her movie career mostly in TV series (The Twilight Zone, Peyton Place). Outstanding plane pilot, she distinguished herself as trying to be the first woman to fly in solo on a single engined plane from New-York to Moscow! Unfortunately she had to land in Danemark, due to lack of some soviet authorisations!

Luciana Paluzzi, (Heads You Loose). Born in 1937, this italian delighful red-haired pin-up came in the Hollywood cinema by following the trail of Sophia Loren, and other Claudia Cardinale! She played in Three Coins In the Fountain (shooted in Italy!), and Fury in 1958. She was later seen as Sean Connery's partner and "bad woman" in James Bond's Thunderball (1965).

Suzanne Pleshette, (The Lady from South Chicago). More famous for her role as the teacher Annie Hayworth in the welll-known Hitchkock's movie The Birds. She is also known for having played in films for Walt Disney.(See her photo with Gardner McKay)

Vincent Price, (The Color of Venom), 1911-1993. An actor of fantasy movies par excellence: The House of Wax (1953), The Fly (1958), The Abominable Doctor Phibes (1971), and horror movies in many Dracula and Frankenstein sequels. But one must not forget he played also in The Three Musketeers(1948), Laura (1944), Asphalt Jungle (1956). He was a writer, an art expert and a great cook. He was married to the actress Coral Browne.

Juliet Prowse (A Whale of A Tale). Famous for her beautiful long legs, this great dancer has played alternatively in Broadway and Hollywood (Cancan with Franck Sinatra, G.I.Blues with Elvis Presley).

Gena Rowlands (The Death-Divers). Born in 1936, played in this series as a beginner. She married the director John Cassavettes, who kept her in his own movies.

Janice Rule, (Hurrican Audrey). Born in august 1931, First as a music-hall singer, she is discovered by Warner Bros. in 1951, but it took her 10 years to make her way in cinema. Her roles as nevrotic woman predestined her to take up the profession of psychiatrist at the end of the 70's. In 1961, she married (1961-1979) her second husband Ben Gazzara, which whom she had one daugther, Elisabeth.

Lisabeth Scott (The Amazon, Errand of Mercy). Born as Emma Matzo in 1922. Nicknamed "The Throat" by Hollywood. A husky voice with a harsh look predestined her to dark movies.

Pippa Scott, (Peril at Pitcairn, The Feather Clock and The Quest of Ambrose Feather) - Born in 1935. The playwriter Allan Scott's daughter, after theater's studies, she appeared first time as Lucy in the John Ford's 1956 movie The Searchers with John Wayne and Nathalie Wood. Since then, she alternatively played in TV series (The Virginian), a few movies and theatre.

Henry Silva, born in 1928, he had the perfect looks of the killer, and played the bad guy wonderfully! Originated from Puerto Rico, he had a better career in France and Italy (Le Marginal,La Mala Ordina) in spite of a return to Hollywood in Cannonball Run 2, Dick Tracy.
Pilar Seurat, (Blue Print For Paradise), 1938-2001. Born as Rita Hernandez in Manila. Great dancer, she made wonders in supporting roles when exoticism was required. She played in many TV series, such as Bonanza, Wild Wild West, The Man from UNCLE, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Star Trek (Sybol). She married the producer Don Delvin with whom she had a son, Dean, who is the happy producer of Godzilla and Independence Day!

Alexis Smith (Somewhere South of Suva)) 1921-1993. A tall and beautiful canadian girl, who was also a singer and dancer. She played with Errol Flynn (Gentleman Jim, San Antonio, Montana) and Bogard (many westerns as saloon hostess). She married the actor Graig Stevens with whom she appeared in many films, like the Losey's La Truite (1982).

Barbara Steele (Daughter of Illusion). Born in 1938, Irish origined actress was almost a beginner in this series. She later made her career in Italy where she became famous in horror movies.

Inger Stevens (Angel of Death), 1934-1970. From swedish origin, this beautiful actress played with the best actors, like: Bing Crosby (Man on Fire), Antony Quinn (Buccanneer, A Dream of Kings), Richard Widmark and Henry Fonda (Madigan), James Stewart (Firecreek). She passed her short life escaping from death in many accidents (during shooting a film and from a plane in Portugal in 1961). She died from barbiturics in a mysterious suicide...

Lawrence Tierney, (Walk Through The Night), 1919-2002. Remarkable fair-haired actor who played ice-glaring killers (Dilinger, Born To Kill).

Tuesday Weld (The Velvet Trap). Born as Susan Ker in 1943. She started as model at 4 years old, after her father's death. She was excellent as a smart teenager (she is only 19 in the episode!) , then went into fateful woman roles (I Walk The Line, Dog Soldiers/Who'll Stop The Rain).

Anna May Wong, (The Lady from South Chicago) 1907-1961. American-chinese origin, this tall picturesque wonderful dancer had her fame in the 20/30's and became the first asian star in Hollywood. She has been directed by Walsh (The Thief of Bagdad) and Sternberg (Shangai Express).

Thérésa Wright (The Pit Of Silence). Born in 1918 in New-York, she married Niven Bush. She usually played the role of typical average american woman. She received an Oscar for Mrs Minniver, and had 3 nominations of which best supporting role for The Little Foxes, with Bette Davis, Herbert Marshall, Dan Duryea...

Dick York, (The Reluctant Hero). Much well-known for his role as Darren, Samantha's husband in the world famous comedy TV series Bewitched!

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