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Publications / Books

"The Kinsman " - A Novel
By Gardner McKay

A fantastic book
from an extraordinary storyteller

Gardner McKay's novel

The Kinsman

Available on line at www.
and in e-book format on Kindle
which can be downloaded
on your computer or portable device
through Kindle application.

"Journey Without A Map"
By Gardner McKay

For many, he was the young actor
who enlighten our early youth days
in front of the TV watching
our favorite series,
"Adventures In Paradise",
his autobiography,
that we all longed for
is available at


For every fan of the series,
here is your chance to know
the real Gardner McKay.


During his final year, Gardner McKay gathered his notebooks together and began writing this memoir of a life so richly varied that it would seem contrived if it were a movie script. Dozens of handwritten diaries were augmented by events he'd written about previously. Both devotees of his short stories and plays as well as fans from his years as a television star will enjoy his unusual insights and even more unusual adventures.

"Gardner McKay: Is My Adventures in Paradise"
by Beverley Hoffman Erickson.

Her friend Ashley says:...

The book is her memoir,
a true story....

the sweet and touching story
of a young girl
meeting her hero.


Book available at

The story tells of how she discovered Gardner McKay when "Adventures in Paradise" came on television in 1959 when she was a child, then on to how she actually met him after seeing him in a play in Chicago. As you read the story, you will share in her anticipation and excitement as she watches the handsome Gardner on stage, and then getting to meet him backstage after the play.
She actually got to see him face to face, gaze into his gorgeous brown eyes, converse with him, and show him the beautiful scrapbook she made of him. He presented her with a very special autograph, just for her.
As part of the visit with her hero, she gave him a lovely gift of herself, her very first kiss was planted tenderly on his cheek, and his warm and happy reaction to this, as he graciously gave her his "thank you".
Beverly goes on to tell of seeing him in other plays he starred in around the Chicago area, two more face to face meetings with him, and, then, you will feel some of the disappointment she felt as she just missed visiting with him after the fourth play she saw him in, as he had exited the theater before she and her family were able to talk with him.

"Adventures in Paradise : The Television Series"
by James Rosin

"Adventures in Paradise:
The Television Series

Publisher: The Autumn Road Company
Publishing date: February 20th, 2009
Trade Paperback: 144 pages
Retail Pric
e: $16.95
Domestic shipping charge: $4.50


Content: A look back at the 20th Century Fox television series
created by James Michener and developed by Martin Manulis
that aired on the ABC Television Network from 1959-1962.
Featuring a history of the show with commentary from several
of the series actors, writers and producers; photographs, an
episode guide for all 91 segments, plus a biography section
of those closely associated with the series.


2003 - august. Taken from the original play in one act, Toyer, a movie will soon be shooted by the american director Brian De Palma - photo - (Phantom of the Paradise, Carry, Pulsions and his last "Femme Fatale") with italian town, Rome, as background instead of Los Angeles! For that reason, he decided to live one year in the italian capital, searching for the best scenes. Some mention John Travolta as the possible leading star of the film.

The cast could be half italian, half american. The music should be composed by his lucky venetian born great musician Pino Donaggio, who among others had created the themes for past De Palma movies: Carry (1976) and Body Double. It will be his seventh collaboration with De Palma: an additional advantage for a great movie!

Latest news this summer tells that film should be postponed for next year 2004 (15th january) , perhaps for the reason of unfree actors or getting his best shots during the Venetian Carnaval in february?

September : According to Sydney Herald Tribune, the french actress Juliette Binoche (photo left) could be the leading actress in the movie... to be reconfirmed!

December : The young british actor Jeremy Northam (photo right) should join the cast.

January 2004: As forseen earlier, because of cast problems, the shooting of the film has again been delayed: Juliette Binoche had signed already for another film. Consequently it is expected to start with the french actress and Jeremy Northam in october till end december (Brian de Palma will have to recreate the Venice Carnaval!).To be followed...

March : Gardner McKay's wife, Madeleine, has accepted my link to her website on her beautiful paintings.

April : Rumors on internet that Jeremy Northam might be replaced by Colin Firth (Valmont) - photo left - in the next Brian de Palma's new film Toyer.

2005 : The movie's production has been held up for a while, as Brian De Palma prefered to work on another movie called "Black Dahlia", which has been shot throughout 2004-2005 and is due to come out on the screens in october 2006. We hope that "Toyer" will be his next production.

December 2005 : Finally, first shots of the movie "Toyer" are expected to take place in Venice (Italy) in Spring 2006. The names of French actress Juliette Binoche, and British actor Colin Firth could be in the leading cast. Let's be patient...

2006 : The cast on movie Toyer is confirmed and shooting of the movie should have started...

2007 : Introduction of Video clips from a few episodes.

May 2007 : Apparently, the hollywood film director, Mr. Brian de Palma, has 2 other movies in preproduction (one of which is Redacted, a film on Irak) and no plan for Toyer as yet.

June 2007 : Page on Gardner McKay created in the famous web site WIKIPEDIA.
Thanks to Wikipedia to have inserted a link to this website.

August 2007: The play "Toyer",written by Gardner McKay, is presently in its final stage and is to be set up in London (England), more precisely in the West End, suburb where most of the Theaters are situated. Madeleine McKay, the author's widow, will collaborate in rehearsals.

May 2008: The play is scheduled to have its Premiere in September/October 2008. The director of the play will be auditioning by end of May three English actors to read with the South African actress, Alice Krige. The playcast should be set by August 17th.

Feb-March 2009: After two years of trials and tribulations, Gardner's play "Toyer" has opened to previews on February 16th 2009, in London (UK), on the West End. The play has runned till 21st March.
The cast: Alice Kriege and Al Weaver.
The play was shown at The Arts Theatre, London. Read my preview.

August 2009: Gardner McKay's autobiography "Journey Without A Map" is published ... see here

2011 : Gardner McKay's novel "The Kinsman" is published ... see here

Will come back later on these news with further update, when available.

  • More and more pictures have been inserted in the Gallery page... and links to purchase some videos.
  • NEW column : You have met Gardner McKay. Write your own story on this website... Read one story.
  • Extracts from Gardner McKay's autobiography " Journey Without A Map".


I would like to thank here all those who were so kind to sent me messages of encouragement and offered important information and advise, and consequently have helped me in the building of this english version, in particular:

  • Mrs Madeleine McKay, Gardner's widow, who helped me to update her husband's biography and corrected here and there my spelling.
  • Ashley, from Florida (United States), Gardner's passionnate and enthusiast fan of the early days, for all the many details and who gave me the courage to launch this english version.
  • Bev, from Florida (United States), great fan of Gardner McKay from the 60's, for all her photos and precise information on McKay's life. ( Bev's website "featherfables" and
  • Ellen, from the "Heart" of Alabama (USA), for so many beautiful pictures illustrating the "Gallery" page.

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