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The "Adventures..." years - page 1

Due to the increasing number of pictures, 3 new pages were created, in 3 different dedicated chapters:

  • The "Adventures of Paradise" years: (this page & #2)
  • Before & after the "Adventures in Paradise" years (page #3)
  • Gardner McKay with ladies and girlfriends (page #4)

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The "Adventures..." years
on Tiki's boom
talking to Pleshette
Between two shots
As a sculpture
a cudle with Pussycat
With "Fink", the monkey from Brazil
On the beach
What a smile!
Is'nt he handsome?
A smoke for an advert
TV guide
With a pipe.
Running after Pussycat, the dog
In skin diving suit
haircut between 2 shots
Skipper without a ship
Look to the horizon?
A scene of the TV series
On board the "Tiki"
On the beach
With "Pussycat", the dog.
make the rain, boss!
As a photographer
Reflexion with"Pussycat"!
Rebel in Paradise


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