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Here a few addresses to find VHS, DVDs of the series

Video clip from

"Incident in Suva"
aired on December 26th, 1960
on ABV TV.

With Gardner McKay,
Johanna Barnes.

Video clip from

"Isle of Eden"
aired on February 21st, 1960
on ABV TV.

With Gardner McKay,
Yvone De Carlo
and Hugo Haas.

Video clip from

"Pit of Silence"
First historical episode
of the first season
aired on 5th October 1959
on ABV TV.

With Gardner McKay,
Theresa Wright
and Hazel Court.

Video clip from

"The Reluctant Hero"

You have here what made
the series a success:
some humour with Dick York,
Bewitch's husband Darren,
charm with beautiful
and lively Susan Oliver,
exotism and adventure on the Tiki,
Captain Adam Troy's Schooner.

Video clip from the episode

"Appointment at Tara-Bi"

with Gardner McKay
and for her first TV appearance,
the beautiful british actress,
Susan Hampshire...

Video clip from the episode



with Lisabeth Scott,
Claude Akins,
Tom Drake...

Video clip from episode

" The Big Surf"

with Betsy Von Furstenbug,
Robert Sampson,
Pilar Seurat...

Video clip from episode

"Nightmare in the Sun"

with Barbara Bain,
Bethel Leslie.

An interview - I Sailed to Tahiti With A Girl

Makaha Surfing - Archer's Ring

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