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Before & after
the Hollywood years

On this page, you will have pictures taken during McKay's youth, with his brother and family.

The most recent pictures in color shows McKay's great pleasure to be with Madeleine and her grand-daughter.

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The young years...
Gardner's birth day on SS Bremen - age 3
Portrait at 5 years old
Gardner 9, playing with his brother Hugh in Central Park
Gardner's birthday on board SS Bremen. From left to right: Gardner, Grandma "Mom", Dad Hugh, Mother, and Hugh the brother
5 years old
On the beach
Gardner 9 (right), playing with Hugh in Central Park - New York (USA)
At 16, on board his first boat "China Boy"
At 16, on board his first sailing boat "China Boy"

Hugh and Gardner playing
1949, Hugh and Gardner on pier
In 1949, Gardner and Hugh (left) loafed on Huston River pier.
On board the schoonerGardner as a teenager. "Dad paid $1500 tuition for travel-study on schooner. No other students showed, so captain took passengers. Gard became 1st mate, took over the ship when captain collapsed, spent 11 months at sea" says the caption under this picture.

With brother HughWith his eldier brother Hugh, who became a teacher at Yellow Dog (Colorado). Has 2 children.

Gard with pal Don, star of Lakemont Academy football team Caption left: At 17, Gardner with his pal Don (left) was star of Lakemont Academy football team resented conforming, broke rules, lived for summer sailing. Year before, he took Dad's sloop, ran away to sea for 3 1/2 months: Result: closer tie to "austere, purposeful" dad".

The years "after the Adventures" - Pictures taken in 1998 ( age 66 )
The sea is my life!
At Oahu (Hawaii Islands)
With their grand-daughter Cheyenne
An accomplished sportsman
Still handsome!
It was a great day!
With Cheyenne, their grand-daughter
Kayaking in Oahu (Hawaii)
At home with his wife, Madeleine

At home, enjoying happiness with Madeleine.


"With Aloha"

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